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Recording and drawing on the screen

Recording and drawing on the screen

Recording screens on Apple computers is surprisingly easy and you don’t need any specialized software . MacOS basically includes QuickTime Player , which is primarily for video playback, but also includes screen, camera, and audio recording capabilities.

Warning: I’m not working on Windows, so I don’t know the situation on this platform. Of course, you can add your experience in the comments.

The procedure is simple:

Turn on QuickTime Player and select File → New Screen Record from the app’s main menu. (A new movie can be recorded from an internal or external USB camera).

Recording and drawing on the screen

You will then see a screen capture dialog box. There is a small arrow next to the red button where you can set which microphone to use and whether mouse clicks will be highlighted.

Recording and drawing on the screen

Click the red button to start recording, but QuickTime will still prompt you to select an area by dragging the mouse.

Recording and drawing on the screen

Then just click the “ start recording ” button.

Recording and drawing on the screen

To turn off the recording, click on the small “stop” button in the notification area – upper right corner, clock icons. When you stop recording, QuickTime shows the entire video, which you can save as a .mov file.

Bonus tip for an on-screen drawing application!

A small ScreenBrush app that you can download for free at Mac App Store . It allows you to draw on your computer screen and of course combine it with screen recording. In the basic version it can only draw with the mouse, after purchasing the paid version – a one-time CZK 99, other tools such as an arrow, geometric shapes and text will be available.

In the free version you can:

  • Draw to screen
  • Show spotlight, ie a light area on a dark background
  • Turn on mouse click highlighting.



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