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Mgr. Kateřina Musiol Kuchnová, Ph.D.

Primary school teacher with fifteen years of experience from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

My name is Kateřina Musiol Kuchnová and I teach at primary school at a private primary school, externally at the University of Ostrava and run courses for primary education.

I am glad that I still feel that I have chosen the right profession that I enjoy, fulfills, motivates and I see meaning in it. Yes, it is sometimes a difficult job, but it is action-packed, it is definitely not a stereotype that I try to defend, not only as a teacher, but also as a woman, mother, person. And not only do I teach daily, but I also learn every hour when I look forward to the lessons spent in the classroom, not just the lessons.

As a 4th grade student, I knew that one day I wanted to be a teacher. So my job is my dream come true. After studying, I asked my close family and friends to warn me in the future when they would start to become the “typical and profession-distorted” teacher. So far, I have received a reaction that this is not the case, that I can see that I do my work with my heart and I like it. On the contrary, it surprises and pleases me that the environment is worth feedback, support, appreciation and recognition of my work.

For eight years I taught at a state primary school, which I attended earlier as a pupil and subsequently as a cantor. My teachers became colleagues and superiors. It had its positives for a professional start, but with increasing years and experience, difficulties and problems also arose. Some people still saw “my student” in me, and when I was in the role of the one who was sometimes supposed to task them, it was not easy.

Four years before I went on parental leave, I worked as a primary school teacher at a private school and at the same time as an external teacher at the Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava. After parental leave, I changed jobs in September 2018 and I am now in another private primary school and my external cooperation with the department continues.

Primary school teacher

During my professional practice, I went through all five years of the 1st degree. In some I was even more often. I taught numbers around 25, once 31, and I also experienced numbers around ten. Of course, each year has its specifics. In my opinion, having a class for five years has its positives, but also its negatives. I am certainly not inclined to the option of changing class teachers every year. I only had the opportunity to lead the class for five years. I led students more often in 1.-2. class. I currently have a “double class” – 1st and 2nd year.

College teacher

I was invited to act on my “alma mater” eight years after graduation.
I was to teach the subject Basics of Professional Communication to first-year students.
After two years, I added a second subject, Project Practice in the eighth and ninth semesters.

Supervision of diploma theses
Working at the department, I also got into the role of supervisor or opponent of diploma and bachelor’s theses.

Listening practice
In the summer semester of the 1st year, together with the students, I also attended practical outings to primary school. There, many first appeared before the class.

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