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3D models and visualizations from NASA

We live in a time when 3D printing is no longer a technology from sci-fi movies. 3D software is available for free, Průša printers are available for the price of a middle class smartphone and we all sit in quarantine at home …

I started playing with 3D graphics SW Blender and I came across great resources – NASA has an official website with its 3D models, textures and visualizations ! It even has models ready for 3D printing.

If you are at least a little interested in 3D, or even have a 3D printer at school, be sure to try it out.

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Tomáš Musiol

I am not a teacher, I have never taught at school and I do not plan to do so in the near future. I am interested in modern technologies in education and digitization of toys of all kinds.

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