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Free emoji library

JoyPixels is an free Emoji library for private use and education. The library contains 3000 icons, is fully compatible with Unicode 13 – Free download are icons in PNG and SVG format, the paid version allows you to use iconic fonts. You must set up a free account to download for free.

This is how a free license is defined:


JoyPixesl free emoji – How is Personal Use defined?

Personal Use is defined as:

  • A project where no revenue is generated
  • A project for pure enjoyment or education
  • A project with zero connection to a business
  • Exception to the above: For internal testing purposes

Examples of Personal Use:

  • Classroom projects by students or teachers
  • Personal signs or invitations for an event
  • A free app or website with no upsells, ads, or indirect revenu
  • Using our font on jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android
  • YouTube videos (where revenue is not generated)
  • Local testing for any kind of app or website

PS: For the International Emoji Day (July 17) prepared by Apple explanation page 🙂

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I am not a teacher, I have never taught at school and I do not plan to do so in the near future. I am interested in modern technologies in education and digitization of toys of all kinds.

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