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Classroom project “Owls”

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After two years with Pirates their parrot flew away to come to me new freshmen arrived in class Owls with green forest class color.

Třídní projekt Sovičky
Classroom projekct “Owls”

In many ways it has been tested and worked with the “Pirates”. The motivation was already worked out in advance and I used proven tips and tricks for Class projects and project teaching.

However, the whole-class development and wandering did not lead to something (as before to the sluj, to the island), but in the owl’s nests, individuals changed in the class tree according to their successes and progresses gradually from clubbing owls, through writing and reading except for the one studied – you can find their form here

Together with his parents, the first pages of Owl’s diary began to be written, worked Owls card, the owls adorned our class and when we reached the individual owl levels, various small owls were distributed gifts.

Owl Rules

  1. I treat others fairly.
  2. I complete the tasks as instructed.
  3. I don’t forget my stuff and homework.
  4. I am not violating the “Owl Wisdom” from the great island journey
    (Island of Silence and Peace, Land of the Bright Ear, Heart of Good Men, Land of Stopped Time, Smiling Home).
  5. I’m not cheating and I’m not lying.
  6. If I have 10 stamps in my card, I get a ticket to our tree.

Class project Sovičky – Summary presentation

The summary presentation is available on the server SlideShare.


I am not a teacher, I have never taught at school and I do not plan to do so in the near future. I am interested in modern technologies in education and digitization of toys of all kinds.

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